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Marine Industry in Pictures
Marine Industry

Onsruth Industries  (OILI) keeps critical ballast and cargo control instrumentation aboard ships and oil rigs calibrated and up to date.  Much of the service provides support services for Trans Sonics and Foxboro instrumentation (aircraft carrier, submarine, super tanker to oil rig) OILI will be there for your needs. In areas where a manufacturer no longer produces a particular item, OILI will rebuild or reverse engineer to provide replacement circuit boards and sensors. 


















Submarines, aircraft carriers, LPD'S, LST's, FE's to barges Onsruth Industries  (OILI) at one time or another has been involved with design and service.

FLIR infared cameras are used to inspect electrical panels, substations and connections to predict possible future failures.  This allows for service before catastrophic failure.

Satellite Industry (large)

Satellite Industry in Pictures

Service of NASA tracking dishes

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Engineer and install satellite and specialized antenna systems for industry, government and the consumer (using but not limited to C, KU, X and S bands).  OILI systems track geostationary as well as low earth orbit, "LEO" satellites.

Noted for Innovations

In 1980, OILI designed the first satellite system used on a floating semi-submersible oil rig for crew entertainment.

Installation and design of satellite weather stations began in 1981 using low orbiting satellites with modified commercial dishes and OILI's "custom coffee can feed." These systems continue to be used for training of future weather forecasters.

Many radio and television stations have used the services of OILI as well as cable access television and local community television organizations.  

OILI engineers and maintains low power radio, television stations and cable access studios.  OILI also provide FCC forms and site surveys necessary for licensing LPTV and LPR.


OILI is noted as first in New England to install satellite dishes for residential use.  During the satellite "hay-day" office locations were in Merrimack, NH, White River Junction, Vermont and Oxford, NY.  These were large 10 foot to 16 foot C/KU dishes with motorized polar mounts.  Installations have been done for senators, congressmen and heads of state as well as your neighbor down the street.  Now our satellite operations are centered in Merrimack, NH with emphisis of enginerring-design and consulting for government and industry. 

 Electrical Engineering

OILI designs and manufactures specialized equipment used primarily by the marine industry, often reversing engineering equipment the OEM manufacturer is no longer building or they themselves are no longer in business.

 Electrical Contractors

Cedric Onsruth, President of Onsruth Industries currently holds an Electrical Master's license in New Hampshire and Virginia. 

Computer IT  

 Cedric is an  IT professional Microsoft Partner and services clients networks plus web page design and implementation.

Bench Testing a New Tank Level Sensor with MEM technology



Thermal Imaging

FLIR     www.flir.com   www.gotoinfrared.com


Dish Network   NOAA Weather NH 


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Phone: 603-424-3524   Cell:  603 494-0067   Fax:  603-424-2224
http://www.onsruth.com Cedric@Onsruth.com
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